Terms of Service


The GDI Online Platform is part of the Globaldi.org focus to make disciples who make disciples.

We aim to create a friendly and safe place for all visitors. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our terms of service.

  • , we refer to GDI.
  • Our services include online courses.
  • are people using our services and applications, user account holders, including e-coaches, subscribers, or visitors.

Privacy Protection

You have the right to visit and benefit from some of our services without the necessity to disclose personal information. While using our services, however, you may be asked to set up an account to get access to specific content, applications, websites, or services. When completing the registration form, you consent to opening an account and keeping our terms of service and privacy policy.It is our priority to protect the rights of users who shared their personal information with us. We care for your trust, therefore we created a separate document describing practices related to the processing your personal information. Please review our Privacy Policy.

The Content of Our Services

The content of our services is protected by copyrights. Copying of publications presented on our websites for commercial or non-private purposes, dissemination, or adaptations require our written consent. We don’t bear responsibility for using the content of our websites for that purpose.

Our services may include links to external websites led by other organizations, sponsors, content providers, or advertisers. When clicking on a link or a button activating an external site, you will be transferred to websites beyond our control. Therefore, our Terms of Service  and Privacy Policy are not binding. Similarly, our services may use external services to present content (e.g., movies or surveys). We don’t claim responsibility for their brief lack of accessibility or displayed content (e.g. movies proposed to be watched after a clip we chose).

Since, by using our services you may actively co-create the content, carry conversations and interactions with other users, you are obliged to keep the Terms of Service, law, social rules, customs accepted on the Internet (netiquette) and good manners. Specifically, you’re required to:

  • Abstain from actions that may hamper or disturb the functioning of our services, especially for other users.
  • Abstain from actions that may violate the privacy of other users, especially storing, processing and disseminating information about other users without their explicit consent, as well as abstain from violating the secrecy of correspondence.
  • Abstain from using our services, including indirectly using, for the purpose of sending unsolicited advertisements/spam.
  • Abstain from actions violating the good name of our organization and entities we cooperate with.
  • Abstain from impersonating others.

Our Rights

We will provide services that will be reliable and accessible 24/7. However, we don’t bear any responsibility for improper functioning of our services caused by technical issues.

We reserve these rights:

  • Change parameters of users’ accounts.
  • Change functionalities and capabilities of services, specifically with regards to scope and type of services.
  • Occasionally turn off services without prior information, related specifically when introducing modifications.
  • Delete, for important reasons, all content of services’ servers, or completely cease performing of services, having informed users on relevant websites of our services.
  • Cease performing the services or delete a user’s account due to important reasons, specifically violating the Code of Practice.


  • Any consequences of users or others using the content or resources acquired through our services is the responsibility of the user.
  • Loss of any data inserted by users, or via our services shared with other users, specifically a loss caused by external factors, is not our responsibility.
  • Correctness of data shared between users, as well as the way this data is used by other users,  is the responsibility of the user.
  • Third parties getting access to data sets shared by users as a consequence of users deleting or ignoring our data protection tools, is not our responsibility.
  • Consequences of user’s installing apps downloaded through our services  is the responsibility of the user.
  • Usage of applications downloaded through our services that is against the law or a license is the responsibility of the user.

Changes to the Terms of Service

We reserve the right to introduce changes or additions to these Terms of Service. All such changes will be published under Terms of Service.  Therefore, we recommend to regularly visit our website and monitor updates for all those using our services.


If you didn’t find an answer to your questions related to our platform, or if you want to get in touch with us, write to us at info@globaldi.org.