How to Boost My Quiet Time

One of the first ways that we grow as a Christian is to begin the routine discipline of a Quiet Time alone with God. We read God's Word, the Bible. We pray. We listen to God's direction for us. If that time spent connecting with God becomes merely a ritual, how to we boost that relationship?

How to Boost My Quiet Time
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Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means following His example. Jesus spent time alone with God daily, and this habit helps to ground us in communicating with God. Keeping a relationship fresh and alive means intentional focus. Find out how to boost your devotional quiet time so that it is not "I have to" but "I want to" meet with God.

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Welcome to "How to Boost My Quiet Time"
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Why take time for a quiet time?
What is a quiet time?
Who needs a quiet time?
When do I have a quiet time and how long?
Where is the best place for a quiet time?
How do I have a quiet time?
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